Club Passes



Club Pass Rule U9-U13

Club passes will be unlimited for the above age groups.  This means that you may write-in a player on your roster for a single game as long as they are registered to your club and meet the following conditions: 

Players can play for more than one  team, assuming they are age appropriate to that team, but they must be rostered to one team only and can then be written in on a roster for a particular game.  They must also have a passcard.

Following this procedure, players may play more than one game per day.

Any changes to the roster must be completed before the start of the game.

U9 players all need a U9 passcard.  If a U9 player is rostered to a U10 team they will also need a U9 passcard in order to club pass on a U9 team.


Club Pass Rule U14-U18/19

The Commission approved the use of club passes for the U14-U18/19 age group with the following restrictions.  These are different than the U9-U13 age groups.

A team may club pass up to 6 players per game as long as the submitted roster does not exceed the allowable number for that particular age group.

A Player can only play down a level if they move up an age group.  For example a U16 age appropriate player playing on a U17 D 1 team can only play down a level if they move up an age group.  They could only play D3 or D2 at the U18 level;  however they may play at the same level assigned to them at any age group appropriate to them.  Therefore if they are an assigned D1 U17 player they are able to play U16 D1 assuming they meet the age group requirement, but they could not play D2 or D3 at the U16 age group.

Players must be added before the game begins, the added player’s age group and division must be written on the roster in addition to their name and shirt number, and that the roster must be given to the opposing team PRIOR to the game. Players may arrive at a game after kickoff, but they will not be allowed to play unless they have already been added to the roster.  The opposing coach will then have the opportunity to request to see the player card if they wish to verify that information.  It is the responsibility of the coaches to understand the restrictions on player passes, not the referee.

If a player wants to move down to a lower team based on loss of form, playing time etc then they must transfer and cannot transfer back up until the end of the season. 

Any team who adds players not within these guidelines will automatically forfeit the game and the coach may be subject to disciplinary action.

The reasons for this change in policy are:                                                                                                                             

  1. Allows for players to play up at a higher level or higher age group to aid in their development i.e. they are part of a player pool within the club and have the opportunity of playing higher based on their performance.  It allows coaches to reward players for their improvement and also useful in explaining to parents at the start of a season that they will have the opportunity to play up during the season but for their development and playing time better to be assigned to a lower team.
  2. It will allow clubs to field more competitive teams which might have been seriously affected by the new age groups.