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Registration Schedule

The NSL Registration Schedule is outlined below.  Please review and pay special attention to the registration and payment deadlines.

  1. Registration Window (Register teams)  + $500 bond check due **
    1. For Fall season - June 23rd-July 7th
    2. For Spring season - November 23rd- December 7th
    3. Teams may not be added once registration is closed without the approval of the League Administrator.
    4. All clubs applying to register teams must also satisfy the NSL club standards for their application to be confirmed.  Clubs unable to satisfy the new NSL club standards will not be eligible for league play.  Click here for the New NSL Club Standards.
  1. Deadline for clubs to drop teams with full refund; and deadline to submit preliminary rosters.
    1. Fall cutoff is July 15th
    2. Spring cutoff is January 15th
  1. Rosters checked for minimum numbers by league registrars *
    1. Fall cutoff is July 22nd
    2. Spring cutoff is January 22nd
  1. Full registration fee due (if registration fee is not received at this time then the respective team will not be scheduled for the respective season)  
    1. Fall - July 31st
    2. Spring – January 31st


      * Minimum and maximum roster numbers:

7v7                  minimum:  9 players                maximum:  14

9v9                  minimum:  11 players              maximum:  16

11v11                minimum:  13 players              maximum:  22 (18 can dress) 


** $500 Bond

  • A $500 bond for fall/spring clubs is due at fall registration.
  • A $500 bond for spring only clubs is due at spring registration.
  • The bond amount of $500 (per club, NOT per team) will be required from any club composed of a single team or multiple teams entering into NSL.  This amount will be carried over to the following season unless a club removes its teams from the league.  At that time the full bond will be returned minus any outstanding fees owed to the league.  Any violations of NSL by-laws or rules (ethics/discipline) that have a financial penalty will be deducted from the bond.
  • The club will submit a separate check for the bond amount and will be deposited into a separate NSL Escrow Bank Account. 



GotSoccer Requirement

All teams are required to register on GotSoccer for the Spring 2017 NSL season.  This process is an addition to the above and the two systems are not connected.  That season has not been created yet and you will receive instructions on what to do when it is, so please do not do anything at the moment.


Rosters and Passcards

Instructions for Electronic Passcards and Rosters

1. Login into the club. Only the club contact login will work for rosters. 
2. Pick the team you want to make a roster for and click on the name of that team. 
3. Add Gotsoccer number and if the team has an ID number now.
4. Hit Edit Team/Manager info
5. Pick a coach or use the one who is already there. If the coaching license level is missing now is the time to enter it. Correct any incorrect information. Go to the Browse button and upload a picture. Hit Save Team Information.
6. Switch to the manager, change any information that is incorrect and hit the Browse button to upload a picture. Hit Save Team Information. 
7. Hit Edit Roster
8. Hit Create a New Roster
9. The state and date of birth is required for all players. Uniform numbers are not, and you do not have to fill out the town as long as you designate the state. 
10. At this point you will create players. After you have done that once the players will be there to select in later seasons. Make sure you add the pictures for each. Pictures must be a 1" head shot and they are now on the front of the card.
Some of you may not have pictures for all your teams on your computer. You may paste them on later the old-fashioned way once the passcards are approved if you wish - however please add at least one picture so we can check the size.
11. Add the players to the roster. 
12. You may also upload the players from a spread sheet rather than having to create them. Follow these directions if you are choosing that option:

Create a spreadsheet and populate it with the following information 
Player First Name
Player Last Name
Phone Number
Jersey Number (this column can be left blank, but you need the column header)
Save the spreadsheet as a .txt file (tab delimited text)
Go to the Maple website and login in with Club/Coach login information
Click on one of the teams in your club (it doesn’t mater which one).
Click on “import player”.
Choose the spreadsheet that you created and click “import player information”
Map the columns that you created in your spreadsheet and hit “import player information"
Click “find a player” to search from the spreadsheet that you uploaded
Type the last name or first name and hit search
Check off the player/players you want to add and click “add selected player”

After you have added the players using either directions then:
13. Select the roster type
14. Add additional coaches. You get 4 adults per team. 
15. When that is done hit submit for approval. 
16. The roster will be returned as either approved, or rejected with a reason it was rejected. You may then print out the cards either on passcard stock or plain stock. 
Players with long names, or written in all caps, may throw the spacing off on plain card stock. If that happens print those cards separately.
17. Separate the cards and laminate them.
18. To add a player, take your last approved roster and select “edit”. Add the player and resubmit for approval.
19. To drop a player, take your last approved roster and select “edit”. Delete the player and resubmit for approval. 

Continuity of Rosters

Teams 14U-17U wishing to play Division 1 must demonstrate a continuity of roster each year when they register a team. To demonstrate a continuity of roster a team must maintain a minimum of 30% of the players from the previous year’s roster throughout the entire season. If the roster drops below this percentage based on circumstances not under the control of the coach the roster will be reviewed by the Commission. Teams must submit their current roster, along with the previous year’s roster, to the NSL office at the time of registration. 


Player Drops, Adds and Transfers

Rosters, after receiving the NSL Administrator's signature, are valid and binding for the entire seasonal year, or remainder thereof, and may only be altered pursuant to NSL rules for adds, drops and transfers. Players may be officially rostered on only one NSL team at a time during the seasonal year. If it is determined that a player has been rostered on more than one NSL club team at the same time, all NSL games played during the period of mulitple rostering may be declared a forfeit. 

Player Transfer and Drop Form


A Guide for Players Rostered on More than One Team

Commission Note:  NSL recognizes that many of its players also play on a team in another of the state's leagues or on an ODP team.  Indeed, we encourage this.  We believe that for the committed premier player improvement and excellence is fostered by exposure to as much training and as many competitions and touches on the ball as his or her academic, family and other obligations will allow.  To help players and their families to manage these commitments, the MYSA by-laws establish the following rule:

These priorities:

  • apply to all State Team players - regardless of age - rostered on any other team;
  • apply to all multiple-rostered players aged 14U and younger;
  • but do not apply to non-State Teams players age 15U and above.

In general terms, a player's priorities are as follow:

Major Tournaments:

  • Regional ODP Tournament (after Memorial Day)
  • State Cup
  • MTOC and Qualifying Games

On major national holiday weekends:

  • Memorial Day - priority to Premier (NSL) Teams
  • Columbus Day - priority to Town Teams

All other tournaments- players are to alternate attendance in event of schedule conflict
State Team Tryouts (except Sunday afternoons during NSL Seasons)
Regularly scheduled league games
Make-up games


However, there exist variations in priority based on the playing season.  Please read and understand each category and how they interrelate:

Soccer Activity Priority List:

1.  Regional ODP Tournaments;

2.  State Cup Tournament;

3.  MTOC and Qualifying Games;

4.  State Team Tryouts, in summer, fall (other than on Sunday afternoons) and winter seasons only.  Try-out dates must also be established and available through the State Office at least one month in advance.

5.  All Games:

  • State Team - (summer only);
  • Premier (NSL) Teams - all year for any games scheduled from 11:00am on Sunday until dusk;
  • MTOC eligible Town Teams - all year for any games scheduled from Friday afternoon to Sunday at 11:00am;
  • State Team;
  • Non-MTOC Town Teams, or any fall teams other than Premier or winter teams.

6.  Tournaments:

  • State Team - (summer only)
  • Premier (NSL) Teams - priority for Memorial Day only and 12U placement tournament (1st and 2nd weekends in June);
  • Town Teams - priority for Columbus Day only;
  • All other tournaments - players are to alternate attendance in event of conflicts.

7.   Practices

  • State Team. To have priority during the spring season, State Team practice dates must be established and available through the State Office at least by March 15.
  • Premier (NSL) team - Division 1 only;
  • All other teams - players are to alternate attendance in event of schedule conflict



Fees for 2016-2017 will be:

Fall 2016 
9U, 10U, 11U & 12U:  $675
13U - 15U: $980

Spring 2017 
9U, 10U, 11U & 12U  $650
13U - 18U: $845




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