Northeast Soccer League

Club and Coaching Standards


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** $500 Bond

  • A $500 bond for fall/spring clubs is due at fall registration.
  • A $500 bond for spring only clubs is due at spring registration.
  • The bond amount of $500 (per club, NOT per team) will be required from any club composed of a single team or multiple teams entering into NSL.  This amount will be carried over to the following season unless a club removes its teams from the league.  At that time the full bond will be returned minus any outstanding fees owed to the league.  Any violations of NSL bylaws or rules (ethics/discipline) that have a financial penalty will be deducted from the bond.
  • The club will submit a separate check for the bond amount and will be deposited into a separate NSL Escrow Bank Account. 



NSL rosters will be frozen as of the first day of play each season until the end of the season. For 9U players through 15U this will be from the start of the fall season through the end of the spring. 16U players and above rosters are frozen from the start of the spring season. Players may be added during the season if they are not previously rostered to an NSL team.

A player previously rostered on an NSL team may be added to a roster if he/she has been released by their club. According to USSF guidelines, a Club must release a player if requested. The Executive Director or President must approve all player transfers to another Club.

1. Coaches are not allowed to contact, or encourage the contact, of any players from another NSL club during regular season play.

2. Coaches shall not approach, or encourage the approach of, an individual player on another team for the following seasonal year until their team commitment for the current seasonal year has ended.

3. Before inviting a player to try out for or join your team, ask him/her if he/she has signed with or is committed to another club team; if he/she has or is, leave him/her alone. Do not try to exploit technicalities.

4. Player Evaluation and ID Clinics are permissible during the seasonal year, BUT no invitation, either oral or written, should be addressed individually to a player currently rostered to another NSL team. Public notification (i.e. via print, electronic mail, or broadcast media) of a scheduled group event does not constitute tampering.

5. Specific invitation delivered after the end of a team's final participation for that seasonal year in NSL play – whether seasonal, promotional, post-season tournament games, or in State Cups - also does not violate the tampering rules.

6. If, a player initiates contact with a coach during regular season play, the coach must ask the player if they are committed to another NSL club. If so, then the player will be asked to inform their current club of their intent to try-out for another club before any further action may be taken. Players may not be invited to attend training sessions as a "guest" while playing for another NSL club. Players currently rostered on an NSL team may not be invited to practice with another team or attend club events. The League expectation is that Clubs will communicate clearly and honorably through this process.

7. Inviting a player to be a guest player for an invitational tournament outside of the NSL season playing dates is only acceptable with the consent of an official of the player’s current team or club, otherwise it shall be considered tampering.

8. The transmission of any proprietary Club information by a coach including the rosters of any teams or personal details of a player is prohibited and subject to discipline. 225 Cedar Hill St, Suite 200, MA 01752 508-655-3210 (office) 508-655-3374 (fax)

9. NSL clubs are not allowed to acquire teams from another club within the NSL to bring into their own organization. Club mergers do not fall into this category.

10. NSL clubs will adopt a 12 month non-compete rule for any current NSL coach that leaves one NSL club to be then employed by another. For a period of 12 months, the newly appointed coach cannot be named as a head coach or assistant coach and work in the same age of her/his previous teams. The non-compete rule will be waived if there is prior permission from the former club. The non-compete rule may be waived at the discretion of and with the written approval of the NSL league based on mitigating circumstances which could include the coach taking a position at a club that is located with a minimum of 30 miles outside of the current region.

11. Open tryout dates for the next seasonal year will be posted on the NSL website and will generally occur after all NSL fixtures and State Cups are completed.

12. The NSL reserves the right to review and overrule the points above if they feel that a club or coach has been found to exhibit behavior that does not uphold the ethics and expectations of the league or feel it would be of benefit to the league and its constituents.

If an NSL member is alleged to be in violation of these ethics or exhibits other behavior not listed above but that could be considered unethical and to the detriment of the league and its members they will be required to stand before the NSL Ethics Committee. The Committee will be made up of at least 3 and no more than 5 members unrelated to the Club involved. Any coach, manager or club official who is found to be guilty of breaching the code of ethics may be suspended from participation in all NSL activities for the current and subsequent season of play.