Age Groups

For 2017/2018 season are as follows:


  • 19/20U Born on/after Jan 1, 1999
  • 18U Born on/after Jan. 1, 2000
  • 17U Born on/after Jan. 1, 2001
  • 16U Born on/after Jan. 1, 2002
  • 15U Born on/after Jan.1,  2003
  • 14U Born on/after Jan. 1, 2004
  • 13U Born on/after Jan. 1, 2005
  • 12U Born on/after Jan. 1, 2006
  • 11U Born on/after Jan. 1, 2007
  • 10U Born on/after Jan. 1, 2008 
  • 9U   Born on/after Jan. 1, 2009


9U Program


1. 9U Rosters     
A. Game day Roster maximum of 14 players.
B. Rosters must have 50% of their players who reach the age of 9 during the seasonal year.
C. No more than two players may be 7U.

2. Fields and Goals
A. Goals will be a maximum of 6 1/2 feet by 12 feet.
B. Field Size - length: 55-65 yards and width: 35-45 yards.
    7v7 fields are required to have a 'build out line' which should be equidistant between the penalty area line and halfway line.
C. This 'build out line' should be marked on the field with a line or can be marked on each touch line by using an identifiable marker such as a cone or flag.
D. For those fields that are the minimum width and length we recommend using a smaller penalty area by using range of 20 to 24 yards wide and 10 to 12 yards from the goal line into the field of play. If a smaller penalty area is used then the penalty mark should be 8 to 10 yards from goal with the penalty arc still 8 yards from the penalty mark.
E. Questions concerning field markings on fields should be directed to

3. Build out Line and Offsides
A. When the goalkeeper has the ball, either during play (from the opponent) or from a goal kick, the opposing team must move behind the build out line until the ball is put into play.

i. Once the opposing team is behind the build out line, the goalkeeper can pass, throw or roll the ball into play (punting and/or drop kicks from the hands are not allowed).
ii. After the ball is put into play by the goalkeeper, the opposing team can cross the build out line and play resumes as normal. The ball is considered in play when it breaks the plane of the penalty area for a goal kick or when the goalkeeper puts the ball on the ground from his/her hands.
iii. If a goalkeeper punts OR drop kicks the ball, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team to be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the infringement occurred.
iv. The build out line will also be used to denote where offside offenses can be called.
v. Players cannot be penalized for an offside offense between the halfway line and the build out line.
vi. Players can be penalized for an offside offense between the build out line and goal line.
vii. If the build out line is not evident then it is recommended that the referee retreat to a point on the field equidistant between the penalty area and the half way line and instruct the opposition team to be level with them when the goalkeeper has the ball. Furthermore, for offsides the halfway line should be used and if both team officials consent then the half way line could be used as the 'build out' line.

4. Deliberate Heading of the Ball
A. Deliberate heading is not allowed in 9U through 11U games.
B. If a player deliberately heads the ball in a game, an indirect free kick should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense.
C. If the deliberate header occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the infringement occurred.

5. Additional Modified Rules for 9U Games
A. Referees are instructed to allow one re-take of a throw-in with players informed what he/she did incorrectly.
B. There should be no more than 3 team officials on player's sideline.
C. Both coaches and referee must meet before game to review all modified rules.


Find your Age Group Coordinator.