Important League Procedures for upcoming Spring Season


With the new season less than a week away I thought it would be useful to summarize some of the most important procedures that you need to be familiar with.


Schedule Changes

Games may not be changed or moved, even by mutual consent of the coaches. Games may be moved by the league office in the event that the originally scheduled field is unplayable.

An academic commitment of a significant number of the players on a roster may qualify as a postponment, but must be cleared first with the NSLoffice.

It is your responsibility to check the website several times each week in the Weekly Update section. Any changes for the coming week will be posted there.

If you are the home coach and your field has been changed or game postponed it is also your responsibility to notify your opponent in a timely fashion. Ask for a confirmation if you are leaving a phone message or sending an email.

In the event of obviously inclement weather (not just a light rain) on a Sunday morning, check the website for field closings. If you are in any doubt about a field being open, call the home team or field contact.

Schedule changes will be considered only if the request is made by 5:00 pm by email to the NSL office on the Tuesday prior to the scheduled game. Referees will not be assigned for changed games if requested after 5:00 pm on Tuesday unless they are for field changes due to inclement weather.


Score Reporting

Scores should be called or emailed to your Age Group Coordinator each Sunday night by 9:00 PM. Everyone should report, not just the winners. That way, we should have the standings and scores posted to the web by Monday morning.

The listing of AGC for the divisions is on the website under Coaches - Score Reporting. 

If there is a discrepancy in the scores reported the referee’s report is the final authority.

Scores are not reported for the U9 & U10 age group as we do not keep standings.

There is a 6-0 cap on goal differential per game.


Game Procedure

All teams must have rosters and passcards at the field. If a team is missing either they have until the end of the game to produce them. The game will be played and the fact that they are missing reported to the NSL office by the referee. This game may be declared a forfeit by the Commission. Referees do not determine forfeits.

Individual players lacking a passcard will not be allowed to play.

If a team does not have a coach with a passcard at the game, an adult substitute may coach the game with a driver’s license for identification.

If no game official appears for a game the teams must agree to either play with a substitute referee or postpone the game and agree to a makeup. Games played with an agreed upon substitute referee may not be protested.


Crossover Games

There are a great many crossover games in the schedule due to the uneven sections.  If a game does not appear in your section please click on your team.  A game may be listed in a different section. These games do not count in the standings.

We hope you enjoy the season and let us all hope for not too many rainy Sundays.


Kathy Irwin