Northeast Soccer League

Procedure for Field Closures

The following is the procedure that is followed regarding field closings:

  • It is the club's responsibility to check to see if their field is playable. Since many fields are controlled by town rec departments I realize that often it is not your call. Please make sure you have someone in each club responsible for getting this information and transmitting it to me.
  • As soon as you know a field will not be open you must notify the NSL office. Often games can be moved if there is sufficient notice. All changes and postponements will be listed on the website. No games will be moved to a different field after Saturday night at 6:00.
  • The deadline for closing a field is 10:00 Sunday morning for U13-18 and 7:00 for U9-U12.
  • Notifying the office will list the game as postponed on the website. It will also generate an email to coaches, managers & referees. This is why you must be sure to keep email addresses up to date.
  • Clubs should also by telephone notify all teams scheduled at their field if a game is postponed or moved. The fact that it is listed on the website does not negate this responsibility.