Promotion Games 2017

Promotion Games 2017


Promotion games will be held June 11th and 18th.

We would like to hold as many as possible on June 11th since tryouts start the next day, but recognize the not all groups will be finished due to the number of makeups.

Games on June 11th will be held at Lancaster.  Games on June 18th will be at Tidal Wave Fields in Rehoboth.

The age groups listed refers to this year’s age group.  Only the U15 & U16 age groups will have promotion games. 

Promotion games are a single match between the 7th place team in the higher division and the 2nd place team in the lower division with the following exception: 

BU16 – Club North will play Club South.  The winner of this match will automatically be promoted to the Select Division.  The loser will subsequently play the 7th place team in the Select Division for a chance to advance.  Ideally the match between the 2 Club sections will take place 6/11.