Promotion Games 2017

Promotion Games 2017


Promotion games will be held June 10th & 11th and June 18th if necessary. 

All games will be held at Lancaster.  

If the score is tied at the end of regulation time, two 10 minute overtimes will be played but golden goal will apply.  


The age groups listed refers to this year’s age group.  Only the U15 & U16 age groups will have promotion games. 

Promotion games are a single match between the 7th place team in the higher division and the 2nd place team in the lower division with the following exception: 

BU16 – Club North will play Club South.  The winner of this match will automatically be promoted to the Select Division.  The loser will subsequently play the 7th place team in the Select Division for a chance to advance.  Ideally the match between the 2 Club sections will take place 6/10.



No games will be required as World Cup will be leaving the league.

Strikers United will be relegated to Select and FC Blaxers and Tidal Wave will be promoted to Premier

Middlesex Phantoms will be relegated to Club and FC United and Fortis will be promoted to Select.  

(Since the Club Division teams did not all play the same number of games the final standings are based on percentage of wins and not points)


SF Vikings will play Lusitana in the Premier/Select match on 6/11 at 4:00  Field 9

   SF Vikings  3   Lusitana 1     SF Vikings win

Ocean State will play BSA North Shore 6/18   10:30  Lancaster 1.

   Ocean State   0   BSA North Shore 5     BSA North Shore wins

BSA North Shore will play RI Rush for the Club division championships and promotion to the Premier division on 6/10 at 2:00  Field 11.  RI Rush 2 v BSA North Shore 1.  


No games will be required as World Cup and Synergy are leaving the league.

America will be relegated to Select and Explosion and Middlesex Phantoms will be promoted to Premier.

Chicopee Heat will be relegated to Club and Galway Rovers, Andover Alliance and Mass City will be promoted to Select.  


Explosion will play Hampshire United in the Premier/Select match on 6/11 at 6:00  Field 9

   Explosion 3   Hampshire United 4    Hampshire United wins

Rosters and passcards will be checked by the referees at the field before each match.  


Below are the rules for use of Lancaster Fields. Managers are responsible for making sure that this information is gotten to all their players and parents.

Rules for all spectators and participants:

NO pets - pets are prohibited on all Mass Youth Soccer property

No noisemakers of any kind are allowed at the fields.

NO smoking – smoking is prohibited on all Mass Youth Soccer property - including the restrooms

**Tents must be secured with sand bags at all times. Wrapping your players’ soccer bags around the leg of the tent will not keep the tent in place when the winds cross the complex. Tents must not be left unattended.

Spectators are not allowed on the team’s bench side of the field.