Spring Season Information

Important Information for the Spring 2017 NSL Season

We would like to thank our member clubs for your continued support of the NSL and the positive feedback and comments regarding our recent announcement about the leagues future development. We wanted to take this opportunity to quickly remind you of some league operations and good housekeeping now that we have a number of games played. 


10U Games

Please note that all 10U games are subject to the modified rules for 7v7 play that are listed on our website. This includes the application of the build out line for teams to retreat to and in offside decisions as well as no punts or drop kicks by goalkeepers. Click here for more information.    


Availability of Rosters at all Games

Section 1:5 in our bylaws clearly states the need to have rosters available at each game. If players are being added to the roster through the use of a club pass they are required to be hand written on to this roster. This roster must be league approved and stamped and whilst we are aware most groups will have this in paper format the league is monitoring the availability to produce this in an electronic format. However, all players not on the original roster must still be added to the roster as requested.

NSL ByLaws


Field and Facility Requirements

We have received several complaints from clubs regarding the condition of facilities including fields not being lined and the incorrect goal size. Whilst we understand the difficulties for member clubs who rent fields from towns and other vendors it is the clubs responsibility as a member of this league to provide the correct facilities which include toilets and are listed in the bylaws in Section 1:8.


Meeting Game Commitments

It is imperative that clubs meet their game commitments as scheduled and our league considers this to be one of the most important responsibilities of a club who accepts a place in the NSL. We clearly state in our bylaws Section 1:12 "there is no reason acceptable for postponing or relocating a game other than an unplayable field." A common complaint seems to be teams refusing to travel to away games yet we are clear that club soccer requires a commitment for all involved to ensure games are played and travel is to be expected. 


If you have any questions, comments or feedback on how we can continues our league development please feel free to contact the NSL office. Thank you again for your support and we look forward to the rest of the spring season.